The Cup Collaboration

                   STAY TUNED FOR THE CUP COLLABORATION 2016            

 'The Cup Collaboration' exhibition,  was a concept that I dreamt up early in 2015.

I had no idea whether those I approached would be interested in such a crazy idea !

Thankfully they all were , and it became such a fun and successful project with the majority of cups selling out . The amazing work made and freindships forged ,and the joy it brought to many potters and collectors , will see it re emerge in September 2016 .




Stay tuned via the links below for more details !!


INSTAGRAM PAGE -@thecupcollab

FACEBOOK PAGE - The Cup Collaboration


2015 EXHIBITORS .........


Ayumi Horie USA & Sophie Moran AUS

Katherine Wheeler AUS & Marina Pribaz AUS

Sandra Bowkett AUS & Janetta Kerr Grant AUS

Kathryn Mitchell IoM & Niharika Hukku AUS

Ana Maria Jensen AUS & Adriana Christianson AUS

Shannon Garson AUS & Vanessa Lucas AUS

Diana Fayt USA & Linda Fahey USA

Carole Epp CAD & Jenna Stanton CAD

Jane Sawyer  AUS & Frida Birkic AUS

Bridget Bodenham AUS & Jo Ruchel AUS

Whitney Smith USA & Erinswindow AUS

Vicki Grima AUS  & Aleida Pullar AUS

Katie Jacobs AUS & Mariko Paterson AUS

Joey Burns AUS & Zak Chalmers AUS

Yen Yen Lo AUS & Vanessa Holle AUS

Angela Walford AUS & Sue McFarland AUS


For all enquiries

contact -

Adriana Christianson

mobile 0488768137












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