Adriana Christianson is a studio potter based in Croydon , an outer eastern suburb, near Mt Dandenong in Melbourne, Australia .

All works are made and fired in her tiny studio, surrounded by a rambling garden and 1920's original farmhouse .







Inspiration for her work comes from the Australian bird life that frequent her garden studio. Adriana has taught ceramics in community settings for over 35 years and has exhibited in Australia ,United States and Denmark .





"I began making pots in High School and continued  at Prahran College of Advanced Education  studying a  Diploma of Art & Design, majoring in Ceramics.

Afterwards ,I worked in the production pottery of Jan Lewis and Tabletop Ceramics as a Studio Assistant and decorator .

I am passionate about building the clay community ,via social media, including  my curation of  'The Cup Collaboration ' 2015 /2016 .

INSTAGRAM  @adrianachristianson is where i am most active online 


My 30 year journey with clay has always run parallel with 'growing' my family including teaching adults pottery at Box Hill Community Art Centre for almost 20 years ."

-Adriana Christianson  
















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