Adriana Christianson is a studio potter based in Croydon , an outer eastern suburb, near Mt Dandenong in Melbourne, Australia .

All works are made and fired in her tiny studio, surrounded by a rambling garden and 1920's original farmhouse .



"I began making pots in High School and continued  at Prahran College of Advanced Education  studying a  Diploma of Art & Design, majoring in Ceramics.

Afterwards ,I worked in the production pottery of Jan Lewis and Tabletop Ceramics as a Studio Assistant and decorator .

I am passionate about building the clay community ,via social media, including  my curation of  'The Cup Collaboration ' 2015 /2016 .


My 30 year journey with clay has always run parallel with 'growing' my family including teaching adults pottery at Box Hill Community Art Centre for almost 20 years ."

-Adriana Christianson                      














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