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Heide Museum of Modern Art - Sculpture Park 
7 Templestowe Rd , Bulleen VIC 3105 
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Second Saturday in every month SEPT 2017 - MAY  2018
10am -3pm 
      2017 - SEPTEMBER 9 
                 OCTOBER 14
                 NOVEMBER 11
                  DECEMBER 9 
        2018- JANUARY 13
                - FEBRUARY 10
                - MARCH 10
                - APRIL 14 
                - MAY 12 
(image credit Charlie Cummings Gallery)

AUSTRALIANA -BIRDS OF HOME                           


Whilst visiting beautiful Western Australia in late 2015 , I was struck by
Its incredible beauty and native flora and fauna .
Stunning banksia forests and the wild birds that inhabited them .

The sensation of driving down a never ending dirt road surrounded by skyscraper tall Karri
trees , stopping the car and turning off the engine to walk amongst the smells of
eucalyptus and hear the calls of the cockatoos screeching to each other in flight .


Returning home to my outer urban farmhouse in Melbourne , I began to include the bird
life surrounding my studio in my work .
The tiny Silvereye that dart outside my studio window catching mosquitoes, hearing the
clowns of the sky- the Lorikeets and Rosellas tear through our garden on their way to
pillage either our plum or apple trees !

Our nearby small mountain -Mt Dandenong , where we take our dogs for a gallop , is
where I collect armfuls of eucalyptus leaves and wattles as reference , these clutter my
workbench in great clusters of dried arrangements .

My favourite is the soulful call of the Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo it's long shriek like a 

black brushstroke across the sky .

Now my works feels grounded . They speak of my homeland .



























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